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Functional Health offer Physiotherapy, Sports Massage & Exercise Physiology at multiple Locations throughout the Gold Coast. We provide many Services and Programs, promoting healthy lifestyles for ALL! We like to keep our patients informed of new treatment options, latest healthy lifestyle trends and so much more through our regular Health Articles.
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  • Tracking Your Fitness Levels

    Exercise Physiology & Fitness Tracking This article is a brief about Exercise Physiology & Fitness Tracking. One of the most common reasons people come to see one of our Exercise Physiologists is “I want to get a bit fitter”. The reasons for wanting to get fitter can range from being…

    1 year ago

  • Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise

    Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise In this article Physio Broadbeach | Functional Health discuss Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise. Functional Health like to discuss many topics throughout our social media and websites. We believe that providing our patients information within areas of health, that may affect them, is crucial to…

    2 years ago

  • How Exercise Can Help Osteoporosis

    How Exercise Can Help Osteoporosis Bone mineral density and Osteoporosis |  How Exercise Can Help Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition that causes our bones to become weaker and more fragile. It is typically diagnosed by looking at the bone mineral density (BMD) of important sites in the body (usually sites…

    2 years ago

Delivering Hands-On Treatment 100%

100% Health Program

The cornerstone of Functional Health is our 100% Health Program. It is designed to completely eliminate pain, restore function and dramatically improve your quality of life all for the price of a daily coffee. 100% Health offers all the appropriate Hands-On Treatment and rehabilitation required for both acute and chronic injuries or conditions. Quality intensive Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology is now accessible for All Australians.
Experience a Functional Difference

MedX Core Spinal System

Many Gold Coasters have enjoyed the long term benefits from Functional Healths MedX Core Spinal System. The vast majority of our patients arrived at Functional Health having endured many hours working with Allied Health Professionals who sometimes achieve short term results, but not the long term one desired. Functional Health's team of Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists and are dedicated to relieving your ongoing pain and improving your overall quality of life long term.
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